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Hobson’s Fourth Anniversary in 1912 included a $35 special prize awarded to “The lady who suggested the most appropriate name for the flour to be manufactured by the Hobson Mill.” Mrs. Murray entered the winning name, Pride of the Judith. Tom and Mildred Murray were one of the first to engage in wheat production on a large scale and owned one of the first combines in the Judith Basin.

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Myron Keilman recalled, “The mill was always a pretty sight to see. It was the tallest and most significant structure of any neighboring community. Painted white, it could bee seen for miles up or down the valley. At night all of its windows gleamed with bright lights. Driving by it with the milk wagon or walking home from school, the hum of its motors and machinery instilled a sense of strength and great purpose to young fellow.”
~ Welcome to Hobson Pride of the Judith history book published in 2002

The east elevator was built first in 1908 by Dr. Brown. Homer Goodell bought and ran it from 1910 to 1936. McCaul Webster Company (which you can see painted on the elevator), headquartered in Minneapolis, built the west elevator with D. Bundy as manager. Both were sold to the Montana Elevator Company around 1936 and run by Chris Swanz until his retirement in 1961.
~ Welcome to Hobson Pride of the Judith history book published in 2002


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Phase 1 goal is $10,000 to clean up, seal the elevators from man and beast, acquire insurance and apply for the BNSF property lease.

$30,000 total goal is for new roofs, siding repairs and a finish on the siding to help keep them healthy for another 100 years.



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